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Published: 25th September 2007
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Blogs are short for weblogs which is just an online journal where you can post articles, news and just comment on pretty much anything you want. You can set blogs up for free by using which is run by Google.

You can make money online with a free blog business by using an affiliate program and Google Adsense.

An affiliate program is a product a website is selling and they will pay you a commision for every sale you generate from any traffic you send them.

Google adsense is an advertising program from Google, you place their html code on your website or blog and that code will show advertisements that are relevant to your site or blog, its free and easy to implement, you will get money for any visitor who clicks on those Google ads.

Here is how you set up a free blog business:

1. Find some affiliates to promote on your blog, there are lots out there, do a search on Google for 'affiliate programs', the one I use is Clickbank.Com.

2. Download to find keywords that are relevant to the products you are selling, nearly every man and his dog uses, its free, once downloaded just select the keyword suggestion tool and type in a word, it will tell you what keywords and search terms people are searching for.

3. Go to Blogger.Com, create a new blog, its free, use relevant keywords for the name of your blog - ie: etc.., create up to 5 blogs, link 4 blogs to your main blog just by placing the URL for your main blog onto the other 4 blogs, you can create as many blogs as you like with links all pointing to your main blog, each blog should have the same affiliate product but using slighlty different keywords on each blog title and URL. Submit your blogs to the 3 main search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN, go to and ping your blogs.

4. Go to to create a Google adsense account, also free. It's really straight forward, you need to create a code to put onto your blog, once you have created a code, copy and paste it onto your blog by going to your template (on your blog) clicking on 'add page element' selecting 'HTML/Javascript' and add to blog, this will bring up a box for you to paste your Google adsense code, play around with your blog, click on every tab and link on your blog to see what it does, there is a forum and help section on if you get stuck.

5. Content - you will need content to put on your blog postings, you can write your own articles relevant to your sites products, or you can get free content from other sources such as

6. Getting traffic to your blog, the best way I have found to get backlinks and traffic to a blog is to submit articles to article sites such as and (also free) there are many more, the articles you submit must be original, you can put a link at the bottom of your article to your blog, you can also use forums to post your comment on containing your blog link.

7. Get yourself over to to learn everything about being a webmaster, html, site optimization, keywords, site submission and much much more, I found this an invaluable site when I first started out.

Good luck.

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